Alternative tourism in Sicily, Etna Excursions
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Authorization of the Department of Tourism, Transport and Communication Sicily N. 1791/s2 of 07/06/2004
Natour is a reality, made in order to propose a "natural and alternative tourism" in Sicily.

A team of Environmental Guides, Naturalistic Guides with a long experience, first as lovers of Nature and then as professional accompanists, with a great desire that our guests, adults and children, with our help and with careful eyes, “look” actually what they are going to see, campaigns, volcanoes, mountains, lakes, small rivers, beaches, people, towns and villages, parks and reserves, and realize that Sicily is a really wonderful land that too often is imagined in a distorted way.

Our aim is also to discover small hidden realities,artisans, farmers, ranchers, small restaurateurs, local artists who preserve a social and cultural heritage to protect and enhance, through the so-called "sustainable tourism" that we are proud to practice as a philosophy of our work.

For this reason, we plan, organize, distribute and manage, directly or in collaboration with other tour operators, packages of natural and cultural tourism, both for groups and individuals to achieve, together with our guests, our aim: discover the Nature, love Sicily.

This is the philosophy of NATOUR.

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